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1. In the Shower
2. Taking a Test
4. Changing
5. Falling Asleep
6. Confessing their Vows at a Wedding
7. Dancing at Home
8. Singing
9. Giving a Lecture
10. Playing a Video Game
11. In a bubble bath
12. Re-enacting a scene from a movie
13. Crying
14. Ranting
15. Having a Bad Day
16. In an Embarrassing/Provocative Costume

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"I don’t need the best one, just a.. second opinion on a- well it might be strange matter." Sigmund shifted, his shoulders slummed down and forward with his hand in his pockets. "Should I set up an appointment- or do you accept walk-ins?" He felt out of place in the office- recalling a time long ago when he was in a psychiatry office under very different circumstances. 

Klaus smiled softly at his words with a soft nod. “I am alright with walk ins Herr Leir. I do not mind in the slightest. If it is a second opinion you would like I will gladly give you one.” As he spoke he walked to one of his chairs, taking a seat, motioning to the one opposite of it. He motioned him to sit down.

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♡ ==> Kiss that German human


"Oh? The cute little short one vwho got all excited ovwer my outter anatomy? yeah sure anon vwhatevwer you vwant.~"

With a stride in his step the tall young troll made his way back over to the strange looking human. But…Hell he was human, and Cronus never really liked to turn down the chance to observe humans up close, especially if they were good looking.

Now his fins were twitching, at a more rapid pace than the first time.

"So, do me a favwor and come here for a moment kitten." 

With out waiting for his compliance; the greaser slipped one cool gentle hand under his chin to tilt his head upwards. Now he was leaning in, slowly with those glossy hues half lidded with thick lashes locked on the others face before he connected their lips.

For a first meeting the lip lock was oddly sweet, soft and rather gentle. 

But that didn’t last long. now he had his arms wrapped tightly around the others neck and was pulling him into a deeper, rougher kiss that showed off more of the aggression that sometimes had a tendancie to run in his blood line. Realizing he might be taking it a tad far, he pulled back with a rough bite from his sharp teeth to his bottom lip. 

Klaus was a bit taken back from the kiss as he walked over, eyes going wide for a split second before he eased into it. Then the sea dwelling troll added more aggression and force to it. He could have sworn his heart fluttered a bit as he gripped his shirt in his hands with a soft muffled sound.

When he drew away with the rather harsh bite the fluster on his cheeks was present and visible. He brought a hand to his now bleeding lower lip, unable to really make words.





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"Oh. A new face it seems. Hello. I am Klaus Valentin. The pleasure is all mine. Are you here for business or for something personal?" The short male cocks his head to the side curiously, pale blue gray eyes on the other past his glasses.

"Sigmund Leir, a pleasure indeed." He spoke shortly before he let his eyes wander around, "I was actually not sure if I wanted to walk in or not. I told myself I would just be passing through but seems I have ventured too far for my comfort… " he quietly clears his throat and makes eye contact with the other, "You are a psychiatrist- if I am not mistaken?"

"That is correct. Though I can’t say I am the best one, but in the area I am probably the only choice." He shrugged as he watched the other calmly, blinking as he rose his glasses with a finger,

"I won’t do anything unless asked to. So if you worry about that sort of thing, you have nothing to worry about with me Herr Leir." He gave a light assuring nod as he shifted to stand, Klaus moved to a nearby light, flicking it on.

How about a blast from the past {Closed RP}



"Spilling the details will get me in a lot of trouble if I ask the wrong kind of people. No offense." He started walking again when the light changed and he sighed. "I would much rather not speak about such things anyways. I don’t want to risk it."

"Uh huh…. Well whotever floats yer boat…" He said with a soft sigh, jogging a bit to catch up.

He glanced over at him quietly with a soft chuckle. “Thank you for understanding and not pressing the matter,” Soon enough after a bit of walking they made it to an apartment complex. It was small. He walked to  his room, opening the door. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

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"Oh. A new face it seems. Hello. I am Klaus Valentin. The pleasure is all mine. Are you here for business or for something personal?" The short male cocks his head to the side curiously, pale blue gray eyes on the other past his glasses.